LiteScape Technologies, Inc. develops and sells unified communications applications for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) enabled environments.

Its products include Oncast, which enables customers to control their phones from personal computers to communicate and access collaboration and Web applications on their desks and mobile phones.

Visitation gives the corrections visitation officer an easy interface to set up calls on demand at the facility, or from one of the trusted sites and has the rights to record and monitor any legally recordable call, as well as assure that attorney calls are non-recorded.

CallTrackPRO that allows legal and professional services firms to automatically associate client–matter and project codes to inbound and outbound phone calls.

Secure Profile Management, which provides personalized access to communications applications, extension mobility, directories, vertical–specific applications, and corporate data on IP phones, as well as enables multi–factor authorization, including barcodes, RFIDs, magnetic cards, and biometrics for the encrypted exchange of information at the edge of an IP network.

SmartRoute greatly simplifies setting up call routing rules for users and administrators. With LiteScape SmartRoute users can make flexible call routing decisions based on: Phone Number patterns and their own Presence, Location, and Calendar. LiteScape SmartRoute is a framework, providing interfaces for custom Routing Strategies for Incoming/Outgoing calls.

LiteScape SDK, which integrates real–time infrastructure into business applications and enterprise resources, such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, directories, and identity management systems, as well as industry specific applications.

The company serves retail, government, financial, healthcare and education verticals, professional services firms, law firms, public relations agencies, and application and infrastructure providers.