Multicast IP Speaker for your budget

The CyberData Multicast Speaker is an economical
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and Voice-over-IP
(VoIP) public address product. It easily connects to your
PoE network with a single Ethernet cable connection.
The speaker is capable of playing audio from any
multicast source like the CyberData SIP Paging Server
with Bell Scheduler (PN#011146). The CyberData
Multicast Speaker’s small footprint and low height allows
the speaker to be discreetly mounted in your ceilings.

LiteScape Unveils Its Redesigned Website

Since 2004, LiteScape Technologies has been providing our customers innovative unified communications solutions that simplify how they connect, communicate, and collaborate with their fellow employees, vendors, partners, and customers, improving their productivity and streamlining how their business operates.

To connect, communicate, and collaborate more efficiently and effectively with the customers, LiteScape Technologies has completely redesigned the website. The new website includes an updated layout and design to help customers easily navigate through the pages while learning about what LiteScape Technologies does.

“For the redesign, we wanted customers to be able to contact us easily, so we implemented chat functions throughout various pages on the website,” said Aleksey Feldman, Chief Executive Officer at LiteScape Technologies. “We also included our social media accounts as another outlet for customers to reach us.”

Please feel free to submit a feedback form with any comments.


Contact Us:

LiteScape Technologies, Inc.

+1 (650) 227-0220


Public Defender Time Tracking


  • Public Defender makes calls to inmate that are not tracked
  • Not efficient process-too much paperwork
  • Security
  • Extra accounting must be entered


  • Public Defender is identified at phone using biometric print scan or RFID card
  • Phone becomes accessible after ID is verified
  • Case information is associated to the call
  • Call data is tracked, stored and reported
  • Time sheet created and emailed to Public Defender

Public Defender Video Visitation