Pain Points:

  • Rising citizen expectations for multiple agencies and departments to work together as one, eliminating departmental isolation. This necessitates greater collaboration and cooperation between federal, municipal, border controls, local, state and foreign agencies more than ever before.
  • Government continuity through disruption, growth and contraction
    Information resides in many different databases over disparate networks and computers.
  • Extend service reach to more citizens in more locations delivering new, innovative services or existing services more effectively to meet emerging demands
  • High operations cost and inconsistencies in services
    Inconsistent speed, reliability and performance of applications throughout the enterprise

LiteScape Solutions:

  • Real-time access to records such as DMV data, INS data, automatic dispatch and criminal records for law enforcement and other agencies anytime and anywhere eliminates the challenges posed by distance and time
  • Improve community services by offering them to wider groups of people in rural and urban locations using an integrated network and self service initiatives
  • OnCast supports homeland security through expedient sharing of ad-hoc / emergency and scheduled broadcasts to the employees and the public
  • Improved communications improves productivity between agency staff across state/city borders, thus creating connected communities and greater collaboration
  • Eliminate calling abuses with permission- based dialing with ability for remote users to utilize government network for long distance or international calls
  • Dynamic Dialing based on certain criteria for inbound/outbound calls
  • Secure Authentication via BIO/CAC/RFID into the communications devices

We are JITC and FIPS certified and on DISA APL:

OnCast Enterprise Directory JITC Certification

SPM JITC Certification