Login with your account into Webex Control Hub:

Go to WorkSpaces and create 2 workspaces:

  1. Visitor
  2. Pod

Go to the devices and add devices into appropriate workspace.

Go into workspace and provide API access to Integrator user for all the devices that need to be controlled by LiteScapeVisitation app.  Please work with Cisco Integrator and LiteScape Support.

You also need to remove buttons from the Video endpoints if you dont want to allow that on exposed touch displays:,-and-Room-and-Desk-Devices

LiteScape Visitation can only be installed by LiteScape Professional services on customer provided Windows 2019 server.  Windows server can reside in customer internal environment or customer private cloud.  LiteScape does not host this application in the cloud.

You need to create Integration and acquire Access Token that needs to be added into LiteScape configuration on LiteScape server.  This can be done through:

Please contact LiteScape at for further instructions.