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Posts discussing the 3deep mobile address book.
We decided to ask 500 smartphone users this question in a product concept survey. We presented them with a "Live Address Book" concept slide, which was a list of four address book contacts on an iP [read]
Posted by Mark Littlefield - 02/2-09 12.21 - 0 leave a comment
We asked this question of 500 smartphone users to find out what they thought of a unique smartphone application - Live Address Book - designed to share real-time [read]
Posted by LiteScape - 29/4-09 3.34 - 0 leave a comment
Cool features on the smartphone! I use xobni on the desktop, so I was interested to see the screenshot of X [read]
Posted by LiteScape - 01/5-09 2.29 - 0 leave a comment
After reading about App-hungry iPhone users, you begin to think of the utility of the smartphone address book in th [read]
Posted by Mark Littlefield - 04/5-09 12.27 - 0 leave a comment