Simplify and Automate Call Routing

SmartRoute greatly simplifies setting up call routing rules for users and administrators. With LiteScape SmartRoute users can make flexible call routing decisions based on: Phone Number patterns and their own Presence, Location, and Calendar. LiteScape SmartRoute is a framework, providing interfaces for custom Routing Strategies for Incoming/Outgoing calls.

Flexible routing strategies

Route based on different strategies

    The product ships with a set of pre-built extensible routing strategies:

    Enterprise policies - Users, groups, and corporate policies.

    Presence/Availability - Users can set routing rules based on their presence/calendar status including: "Free", "Available", "Busy", "In a meeting", or "On a phone call".
    Office Location (SPM) - Users identify their routing preference by using RFID, Magnetic cards, Biometric and barcode based tagging. SmartRoute dynamically routes the call to the closest phone to where the users at.
    Mobile Location (3deep) - GPS or user defined mobile location using the LiteScape 3deep smart-phone clients and hand-held tablets (CIUS, iPhone, etc)
    Phone Number Mask - Using partial or full number patterns, users can define rules to treat calls based on caller/called number information.

    Directory lookups (DLF) - Dynamically decides where to route calls to based on external corporate directory servers.

    Cisco presence - "Cisco Presence" rule type uses Cisco Unified Presence data to decide on where to route calls.

    Rate - Control which route the call should use based on the rate (cost) of the call.

Presence, Location and user identification based routing

    Routing rules can be defined to follow the user's presence/location: SmartRoute routes incoming calls to mobile or another person designated by the called party as delegate. User can establish different call-treatments for different callers SmartRoute determines dynamic location using GPS, SIMPLE, RFID/Magnetic/Biometric readers User can set rules from any desktop/modern smart-phone
User-identity Location based routing

Set the rules from anywhere

    Setup rules from email, browsers, or directly from your smart-phone (Android based 3deep client available) Setting up routing rules is greatly simplified using email. Simply send an email to, indicating what you'd like to set in plain English. SmartRoute will treat the email as a routing instruction. For example: "Route all calls from 555-1212 to voicemail" Or "Send all calls to my mobile number"