Oncast simplifies and automates collaboration. OnCast extends the power of your enterprise infrastructure directories, web conferencing, customer relationship management, office applications, e-mail, PBXs - to your phones and computers. The result: you can control your phones from your PC to communicate, as well as access your collaboration and web applications on your desk and mobile phones. With OnCast, you can instantly connect to people and do business quickly and more efficiently.
CallTrackPRO allows legal and professional services firms to automatically associate client–matter and project codes to inbound and outbound phone calls. Users can easily assign calls to appropriate codes by utilizing simple menus from their phones–and with client/matter code learn features–CallTrack PRO automatically associates codes to regularly dialed or received calls so you don´t have to.
Secure Profile Management (SPM) provides secure, personalized access to communications applications and corporate data on any IP phone. Capture user information, validate identity, and grant users appropriate access to: communications applications, extension mobility, directories, and vertical-specific applications. An identity management solution for VOIP devices, SPM enables multi-factor authorization in combination with its Secure Profile Access Reader (SPAR) provides barcode, RFID, magnetic cards, biometrics-for the encrypted exchange of information at the edge of an IP network.
SmartRoute greatly simplifies setting up call routing rules for users and administrators. With LiteScape SmartRouteTM users can make flexible call routing decisions based on: Phone Number patterns and their own Presence, Location, and Calendar. LiteScape SmartRoute is a framework, providing interfaces for custom Routing Strategies for Incoming/Outgoing calls.

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Cisco Announced Spark Depot and read
Posted by Aleksey Feldman - 01/11-16 9.32 - 0 leave a comment
Check out the latest training videos we've put together for the CallTrackPro solution: CallTrackPro Entering Client Matter: read
Posted by Juan Itto - 05/8-11 1.00 - 0 leave a comment
Seems that LiteScape is getting very close to the 100k licensed seats deployed water mark! read
Posted by Kayvan Alikhani - 11/6-11 2.29 - 0 leave a comment
Check out the latest training videos we've put together for the SPM identity management solution: SPM Enrollment process: read
Posted by Kayvan Alikhani - 28/7-10 4.16 - 0 leave a comment
Just got through reading Working Smarter Can Help Turn the Economy Around and decided read
Posted by Mark Littlefield - 05/5-09 6.54 - 0 leave a comment
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LiteScape will distribute CyberData made IP Phone hardened cases!!!  We will start with Cisco DX-70 and DX-80 telepresence units!!!

LiteScape Technologies and Cisco Systems joining forces to approach ConnectedJustice Segment via video visitation time tracking.

Cisco announced Cisco Spark Depot and CallTrackPro is part of it.

LiteScape SPM, CallTrackPro and OnCast products support for Polycom IP Phones

Both companies have been collaborating for past 10 years and the latest development is hardened cases for Cisco IP endpoints with SPM authentication--BIO, Magnetic, RFID.