Cisco’s Unified Communications for Retail Media Launch to Showcase LiteScape’s Retail Application for Mitsukoshi’s Intelligent Fitting Rooms

LiteScape solution enhances the customer fitting room experience while delivering important inventory information to Japanese retailer

New York, NY—September 26, 2006—LiteScape Technologies, Inc. ( today announced that the press launch of Cisco Systems’ Unified Communications for Retail solution will feature LiteScape and its innovative consumer-focused retail solution for Mitsukoshi, one of Japan’s largest, high-end retailers. The LiteScape for Retail application offers many retail uses, including the “intelligent fitting rooms” which significantly reduces the time and labor needed to search stock and product information. LiteScape for Retail greatly enhances both employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

The “store of the future” vision combines LiteScape’s RFID/XML-based applications with Cisco CallManager and IP-based devices to offer shoppers self-service, IP communications throughout the stores and directly from their fitting rooms. For example, using the device, busy shoppers can check availability of sizes and style for designer jeans and have them delivered directly to their fitting room. Mitsukoshi found that they lost sales when customers had to redress, exit the room, walk out into the store, and search the shelves for sizes that may or may not be available. Utilizing LiteScape’s applications, Mitsukoshi has automated and streamlined a number of customer and employee tasks including product browsing, product lookup by SKU, inventory checks in the store, and the ability for customers to contact live agents to place orders (see LiteScape announcement of August 7, 2006).

At the Mitsukoshi Ginza store, where this system was first introduced in combination with other solutions related to the RFID-based Future Stores system, sales increased 15.8% over the same month in the previous year. “We were able to increase customer service by lowering the wait time. Customers can access real-time information themselves and talk to a sales person quickly and when desired,” said Masakazu Nishida, general manager, central merchandising division, Mitsukoshi. ”These applications help differentiate our service from the competition and in return build customer loyalty.”

“The Cisco Unified Communications for Retail solution helps streamline business operations, improve supplychain visibility, accelerate decision-making, and enhance the customer experience,” said Ed Jimenez, Cisco’s Retail Global Marketing Lead. “We’ve seen strong interest of LiteScape applications on our devices for the retail industry where technology has the potential to greatly enhance a store’s consumer-facing image and drive revenue.” The Cisco solution is built upon the open Cisco Intelligent Retail Network, which supports and facilitates the sharing of voice, video, and data providing retailers increased employee productivity, customer loyalty, and a healthier bottom line.
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Compared to a kiosk, the IP devices are significantly less expensive to install and maintain. IP phones are easily installed in a limited space without imposing on the customer experience and serve as an information terminal when used with LiteScape applications that directly integrate with the company’s existing enterprise-wide customer and inventory database. This allows for access to and management of customer information—such as account information, purchase history, product and size inventory status—in a secure, authenticated manner.

“We’ve only scratched the surface on the impact our VoIP applications can have in a retail environment. The LiteScape for Retail solution provides many features for employee and customer self-service: broadcast and collaboration for notifications and safety, a secure authentication device for point of sale or employee timecards and bulletins and call tracking and billing,” said Rod Hamlin, executive vice president of sales and marketing at LiteScape. “Cisco has worked with us for many years because we bring additional value to the infrastructure. The tangible results in terms of ROI and, more importantly, customer satisfaction, speak for themselves.”

LiteScape’s solutions currently help thousands of users leverage their IP-network, playing a critical role in reducing costs and driving new revenue, while increasing organizational efficiencies. LiteScape partners with Cisco to make these applications available in the U.S. and worldwide for other retail organizations including Hannaford Bros and Westfield Shopping Town.

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