3deep & SmartRoute interview at Cisco Live

LiteScape CEO, Kayvan Alikhani was interviewed on stage at the Cisco LIVE 2011 event regarding SmartRoute, 3deep and the new Cisco CIUS device.


The LiteScape 3deep & SmartRoute solutions that are mentioned in the interview will be available for download directly on to the Android based CIUS device as of August 1st from the Cisco marketplace (App HQ).

3deep makes it much easier to set communication preferences for your contacts.

Also, 3deep seamlessly let's you get notified about your trusted contacts status, straight from your smart-phones.

For example, "Tell me when Joe arrives at this location" or "Tell me when Alex is off the phone".

At the trade show, one killer usage scenario came up: "Tell me when any of my contacts with or in their email address arrive at the Mandalay Bay."

Or for hospitals: "Tell me when Dr. Solvit arrives at the hospital" Remember that to determine "status",

When any of the 3deep conditions mentioned above are matched, you're Notified on your smart-phone and then you can instantly communicate with your contact.

SmartRoute uses a variety of matching strategies:

User Identity (Biometric, RFID, Magnetic cards, bar-code),

User Location (GPS, WiFi) and

User Presence (phone status, calendar).

Avoid phone tag, and remove the guessing game in communication!