LiteScape at Cisco Federal Tech Day 2017

LiteScape will present at Cisco Federal Tech Day 2017 in Charleston, SC on November 7, 2017.
Charleston Tech Day Organizations must find ways to support critical mission accomplishment or strategic business growth and gain competitive advantages. IT can help you improve productivity and collaboration, cut costs, increase ROI and develop new capabilities. It is critical to remain current on marketleading IT solutions that can help you and your organization achieve these goals. Cisco and partners are hosting a local event to keep you informed of the latest developments in borderless networking, virtualization, and collaboration technologies. Join technical experts for an indepth discussion of the newest innovationproducts, features, and roadmaps so that you can develop strategies and deploy solutions that increase mission accomplishment, resiliency, agility, and productivity. Lunch will be provided in accordance with government gifting rules and restrictions.