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Working Smarter with 3deep
Posted by Mark Littlefield - 05/5-09 at 3.54

Just got through reading Working Smarter Can Help Turn the Economy Around and decided to discuss the 3deep approach to "working smarter". In his article, Bob Picciano discusses nine key factors contributing to this smarter transformation this year - as he says "nine for ‘09". Consider the 3deep "9 for ‘09":

1. Imagine universal mobile collaborative access with your smartphone address book, which included your co-worker's and key business contact's "deep presence" -dynamic status updates for mobile presence (on/off phone), calendar availability, and location and the ability to make deeper connections from the 3deep address book.

2. Imagine a world beyond basic email and calendaring, how about an integrated platform that integrates, aggregates, and mediates the key sources of rich presence information-on or off the phone; calendar availability; IM and social network status; and physical location. This is what we call deep presence.

3. For those of you in organizations, which manage their workforce for large consulting, professional services projects, you can "worker smarter" with 3deep. Your mobile address book could include groups by skill level, so you could immediately connect with them after checking their status, availability and where they are. Better yet, imagine a "Tell Me When" feature that allows you to send a notification to a contact that is on their phone or in a meeting, which will alert you when they are available to talk. Also, TMW can be used to alert you when they are arriving at the customer location, so you don't have to call them and ask them "when are you getting here". How many times have you done that? Eliminate voice mail and phone tag means "working smarter"

4. Unified communications will enable interaction through any mode via any computing device and rich presence will drive interactions and "voice collaboration". Since smartphones are the communication tool of choice by the majority of busy professionals, we consider mobile unified communications to be a key component to "working smarter". Certainly rich presence or what I like to call deep presence will drive interactions with everyone: family, friends, co-workers, key business contacts, key suppliers, key customers, etc. Just imagine if you could select people in your smartphone address book or from your desktop 3deep address book for an instant conference call. That is what I call "voice collaboration".

5. Bob contends "Despite challenging economic conditions in 2009, the affordability and ease of using cloud-based software services will transform many small-medium businesses and individual corporate departments into global trading partners." I agree - Use cloud-based software services. The standard architecture that will realize the promise of next-generation mobile development won't be hardware or software, but a "cloud-based platform that lets users navigate their contacts and content related to them."

6. Free and inexpensive technology will spread, allowing people to take advantage of desktop productivity, social networking and collaboration in the cloud. Free and inexpensive technology is the right price.

7. For sure Netbooks are on the rise as a mobile internet device. People should also have full mobile communication capabilities with a live address book on their MIDs. Be on the look out for FMC in the cloud. That is when you really "work smarter".

8. Business applications will increasingly become interactive on mobile devices. Think of where mobile banking will be at the end of 2009. Mobile advertising and m-commerce is on the rise. I would like my smartphone address book to become my communication hub.

9. Mash it Up - Imagine a mashup of your social network, SMS, desktop presence, IM and your smartphone address book that enables smarter communications and connections with the people you care about most, professionally and personally. Plus, the 3deep user's "multi-dimensional status" (presence, availability, and location) can also be made available to application developers and service providers via a single API.

Register for the 3deep beta, so you can begin to "work smarter".

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