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The LiteScape SPM solution is re-published on the DoD UC Approved Product List

Seems that LiteScape is getting very close to the 100k licensed seats deployed water mark...

3deep makes your Smartphone a Personal Assistant
April 21, 2009

"What really gives this technology huge potential, is that it is being developed for deployment on all the major Smartphone platforms simultaneously."

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Best of CTIA 2009
April 7, 2009

"One of the most promising that will be available across BlackBerrys, iPhones and Windows Mobile devices is the new contact manager known as 3Deep."

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Yahoo Mobile and 3Deep: Two awesome Web Service Integration Apps.
April 6, 2009

"While Yahoo Mobile won audiences over with their social networking support, 3deep took the cake as the most innovative of the social-based apps presented in the show."

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Hot mobile app trends out of CTIA
April 3, 2009

"3deep mashes up advanced GPS-driven location awareness with a social address book."

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