About 3deep

3deep empowers deeper connections by transforming the static personal contact list into the vital link between people, effectively bridging the online and physical worlds.

3deep is a product of LiteScape Technologies, Inc, which is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

3deep Presence Platform
3deep provides the first mobile platform that enables developers and service providers to easily integrate “deep” presence-status, availability, and location, across multiple providers, devices and networks — into their products and services.

3deep Mobile Address Book
The 3deep mobile address book integrates “deep” presence—status, availability, and location, across multiple providers, devices and networks—bridging online and physical worlds to enable deeper connections between people.

3deep taps into the Smartphone—as well as calendar applications, instant messaging, social networks and location-based services—to reveal the dynamic, multi-dimensional status (presence, availability, location) of the contacts stored on your phone’s address book.

  • Make deeper connections with the people that are important to you
  • Share what you are up to at any moment, where you are and the best way to reach you
  • Leverage your existing address book, Social Networks, and buddy lists –don’t start from scratch
  • Protect your privacy: you decide when, how much, and with whom to share your information